The #WhipIt Campaign Encourages Women to “Whip” Away The Labels That Hold Them Back Professionally

11 Dec

I was trolling and came across this empowering and enlightening ad by Pantene that highlights several common gender-related professional double standards.

It’s a part of Pantene Philippines’s integrated marketing campaign called #WhipIt, which encourages discussion about issues faced by women in the workplace.


It is accompanied by print and online ads in the same vein.

enhanced-buzz-1574-1386141070-10Last month, they hosted a forum to create a space for women to discuss professional gender biases.


And they conducted surveys regarding the same.

Amongst the results, the surveys found that “70% of survey respondents believed men deserved employment more than women.”

A photo album on their Facebook page highlights “strong women who are whipping” the labels and stereotypes that hold women back.

grid-cell-18999-1386144161-9 grid-cell-18999-1386144161-7grid-cell-18999-1386144162-11

See the full album, and more information about the campaign, on their Facebook page here.

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