Nonprofits I Love: You Can Thrive! Foundation

6 Nov

“Compassion is a feeling deep in the heart that you cannot bear someone else’s suffering without taking steps to relieve it.“ Dalai Lama


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The You Can Thrive! Survivorship center facilitates affordable mind-body modalities for all breast cancer survivors, especially those under insured and under served who tend to fare worse after a diagnosis. The overall program focuses to decrease symptoms while educating about prevention and environmental risk reduction in order to help provide tools for long-term survivorship.

Professional volunteers give their time and services like acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and polarity to reduce symptoms, while others provide tools like environmental and nutritional education, exercise and meditation, peer support/advocacy and tapping.

A Safe Space to Heal

We all know it is quite prohibitive for those with cancer to afford any services above and beyond co-pays for treatment. Qualified practitioners volunteer to give service for patient  wellbeing, in a community setting.

Access to care should not determine suffering or outcome from a diagnosis. You Can Thrive! welcomes all members of the breast cancer ‘sisterhood.’

They Need Our Help

Right after huricane Sandy their most recent facility became unavailable and now, they are at a critical crossroads.

“Our need for a permanent home and the resources to operate in a way that is in line with our vision is urgent. Please help us provide a safe space in New York City large enough to house this caring volunteer community.”

Every day more people living with breast cancer call You Can Thrive! looking for help. They travel from as far as Eastern Long Island and Albany every week because You Can Thrive! offers vital services and delivers them through a life changing program found nowhere else, supporting the whole patient through breast cancer and beyond.

Make an appointment, become a benefactor or community partner, get involved, or link to their pages with just a click!

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