Violence against Western Interests in Morocco

4 Oct

The position of women in the Middle East and North Africa is still in need of improvement in all fields, including the political, economic, social and cultural. In January of 2013, my younger brother and I visited Marrakesh for 5 days. Although I am not an Arab woman, I was treated in some respects just as harshly because I am a Westerner – because I have rights and therefore represent or promote a Western plot against Islam. This made me fear for my life: I was grabbed at, scorned, and almost robbed several times. Men eyed me in a blatant and disgusting manner, and even unzipped their pants to urinate in front of me as a form of disrespect,

The Arab countries collectively have one of the highest rates of female illiteracy in the world. Lack of education and gender discrimination combine to keep the percentage of employed Arab women at only one-third, the lowest in the world. These conditions contribute to unhealthy lifestyles, resulting in higher rates of disease and deaths linked to pregnancy and childbirth.

Not only are Arab women largely excluded from political participation, but women cabinet ministers tend to hold symbolic rather than influential positions — they often suffer domestic violence, including so-called “honor killings,” behind a societal cloak of silence.

Arab women face a daunting array of hardships, from spousal domination at home to gender discrimination in the workplace. Laws often restrict women’s personal liberties, for example by giving them lesser status than their husbands in divorce proceedings, and requiring the permission of a husband or father to work, travel or borrow from a bank.

Morocco is a beautiful country (albeit the neglect of waste management I noted) but needs reform! Image


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