How #Thicke Is It?

27 Sep

Screenshot-of-Defined-Lines-615x345Feminist Friday

I know this epidemic was cured months ago, but after hearing it twice on my way to an interview this morning, I was anything but
“amped.” Surprisingly, I don’t find the video that perverse; Women are prancing around in nude thongs and heels, shaking their asses and licking their fingers. They look sexy, and hey! there’s nothing wrong with that! The video was clever, but the lyrics? extremely problematic.

Robin Thicke asserts in an interview with GQ that he “just wanted to turn (everything that was taboo) over on its head and make people go, ‘Women and their bodies are beautiful. Men are always gonna want to follow them around.’” The song operates under the guise of celebrating femininity.  The “bad girl” is the one who is challenging the patriarchal code by practicing sexual freedom (although it is being given to her by a man-think Angela Carter style) in a society that expects her to remain monogamous. Therefore she is a “slut” and so she consequently must “want it.” That disgusts me almost as much as the part where she needs to be “domesticated” much like an animal and made subordinate.

So yes, Robin Thicke’s song — as well as half the industry — perpetuates the objectification of women and rape culture.  Sure, I’ve been called a slut, had men assume I wanted to sleep with them (I thought I was only being friendly?), been told to clean because “it’s my job”, and a whole list of other absurd things.  Music like this is destructive and is an excuse for men to continue undermining us.

On a lighter note, a few women created a hilarious parody that I came across today…so suck it Mr. Thicke

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