Cambodia’s SALT Academy Challenges Gender Discrimination

26 Sep
SALT Might Girls Footbal Program

SALT Might Girls Football Program

I absolutely love stumbling upon unexpected treasures. As I was watching House Hunters International yesterday, (one of my guilty pleasures) a young woman was searching for a rental in Battambang, Cambodia, where she works as a coach for the community’s SALT program. I became so enthralled with the group, I had to research it further and share it with you.

SALT provides recreational activity and holistic development to the youth of Cambodia by teaching life skills education and building positive relationships through a community-based football program.

The organization gives young adults an opportunity to use and further develop their skills and become leaders in their community. They gain valuable experience for future jobs – through volunteer and internship opportunities, mentoring by SALT staff, and leadership lessons.

What struck me most is their Mighty Girls program, which aims to realize the real value of jobs and participation in womans’ football and prevent individual cases of human trafficking by empowering and supporting exceptional young female players in education and training.  They work towards the following objectives:

  • Provide a safe space and prevent human trafficking:

Battambang is a major source and transit hub for human trafficking, especially for uneducated girls from rural areas. Mighty Girls gives at-risk individual girls a safe alternative and provides opportunities for peer-to-peer education through coaching and outreach in schools and villages.

  • Educate a generation of female leaders:

Women remain underrepresented in higher education and positions of leadership in Cambodia. By supporting top-level academic scholarships and ensuring one-on-one mentoring, Mighty Girls magnifies the positive effects of team sports to build the next generation of female leaders.

  • Empower women’s football and challenge gender discrimination:

Women’s Football in Cambodia is still in its infancy, yet the impact of girls succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated sport is already challenging gender discrimination throughout society. Mighty Girls play in the boys division of SALT league and formed the core of the first-ever Cambodian Women’s National Team in 2011.

The Mighty Girls program also has dormitories to house at-risk girls, and provides free schooling  to girls of low-income families. I encourage everyone to subscribe to their newsletter or get involved with the program by donating like I did!

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